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Option 2 - 1 day of Remote Healing / Psychic Healing - Starting at $295


  • 1 day of LD’s intensive remote healing.
  • Minimum of one (1) 45-min phone consultation


Note: Serious illness may require more intensity. Please consult with us about this.

Option 3 - 2 days of Remote Healing / Psychic Healing - $395


  • 2 days of LD’s intensive remote healing.
  • Two 30 minute phone consultations.


2 days may be enough to make a significant difference, depending on your condition. About 80 percent of clients respond to LD’s work. L.D. gives no medical information or makes no medical claims. All work is considered Spiritual Guidance. There are times when in some situations when more sessions are needed. It is important that that one does not discontinue the sessions prematurely.

Dr. William Robert Schroeder, D.O., A Conversation with Larry Porter

Please note that a waiting interval may exist. LD works on a first-come, first-served basis while remaining mindful of each unique person. Please inquire about in-person or hospital visits.

Please fill out the form & make payment to initiate your placement in the queue.

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