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In the tradition of Mahendra Trivedi, Braco and other great spiritual healers, L.D. Porter has helped thousands worldwide for over 30 years with psychic healing.  He specializes in remote healing from a distance. He is the author of two books, including "Awakening the Genesis Within."  He offers monthly Healing Activation Summits.  

Remote Healing and Distance Healing with LD Porter


- Awakening with the Masters
- Unbounded Potential (Karen & Salma) 
- Awaken to Happiness Now (Shefali Burns)
- Breaking Through with Georgiann

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Dear Potential Clients,

I have spent considerable time over the years working intensely with my clients to ultimately support and improve successful outcomes.

In our work to help your illness, we would begin with a short trial to see if a difference can be made.

Some of our goals are the to improve the following:

- Symptom alleviation (nausea, headaches, etc).
- Reducing the painful effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
- Post surgery recovery
- Boost immune system response & white blood cell counts

The work has made a significant difference for many. (Cancer markers for many clients have decreased remarkably). Approximately 80 percent of clients respond to the work. 

I welcome to talk with you more about how we can help you. The best way to know if you will respond to our work is to take out an initial session. (There of course are no guarantees in this type of work).

Please carefully read the client testimonials to help you make an informed decision:

LD Porter



This site does not  furnish medical advice. Any diagnosis, treatment or care of a patient should be discussed with a physician. 

The work is not intended to replace personal medical care from a licensed health care practitioner.  This work is considered spiritual guidance.

Do not discontinue medications prescribed to you by your doctor. Do not make any changes in your medication without first consulting your doctor. 

"I had suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 15 years, some of the symptoms were panic attacks 24/7 for the first 3 years and I only slept for 5 minutes at a time  I was totally engulfed in fear.
I came across LD's site and started receiving his healing.  All I can say is what a blessing.  My panic and stress levels started decreasing, like
a switch being shut off.  
I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I
am and how much I love this man and what he does. "
Madelyne D.

"It's difficult to put into words how dramatically my life improved in the time I worked with LD.
I'm 54 years old. I was using an inhaler 2-3 times a day, and I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. My lungs were deteriorating rapidly. After working with LD, my asthma disappeared!   After one session I was breathing easier, and I eventually saw dramatic changes. LD healed me spiritually and physically, and I am forever grateful to him for giving me my life back."
-Tony, St. Louis, MO.





Receive Intensive Healing performed in the psychic realms

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L.D. Porter has helped contribute to successful outcomes for clients with many forms of acute & chronic illness from a spiritual and mental perspective.  

Specializing in the following:
- Cancer & Tumors
- Neurological conditions
- Muscular/skeletal conditions
- Respiratory conditions
- Intestinal & Digestion
- Arthritis & Joints
- Kidney & Urological
- Dental Conditions
- Acute Illness (hospital, etc).
- Symptom & Pain Alleviation

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The Simple Wisdom of L.D. Porter:

The simple book of spiritual wisdom and everyday truths from L.D. Porter.



Karen's mother was near death. The doctors did not expect her to live another 48 hours.

I went to the hospital room for two days and sat and gave spiritual healing.  

 Within a few days was back to living a normal life.   

She lived an active life for the next five years, with grandchildren and family before her passing.

All of this work was done from a distance, without touching  the body."

- L.D. Porter

L.D.'s Recommendations:

Solomon's Touch (book)
June Naugle

Commanding the Light (book)
Antonio Silva--medical intuitive and healer, reveals the principles of psychic healing.

Earthing - grounding to reduce body inflammation and support the work.


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by Dr. Michael R. Smith,  author.

I wanted to write a piece on healer L.D. ("Larry") Porter because I had long admired his modesty, and because I found his background and talent in remote healing fascinating.  (You can read more about his evolution as a healer here).

A classical musician by trade, for several years in the early 2000's, LD performed psychic healing alongside one of the most talked-about healers in the country, Solomon Wickey. Mr. Wickey is an Amish herbalist who has achieved a devoted following in Indiana and Ohio. "Solomon used to call me his x-ray machine, because I could see into areas of the body and function as a medical intuitive, so to speak." L.D. said.  

In his psychic healing work, L.D. works by a process that he says involves mental thought and imaging.  L.D. referred to his healing technique of "body scanning,"  which involves looking at the client "like a TV screen" through which he can assess the client's physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic functioning. This is similar to the methods used for cancer by renowned healers Mahendra Trivedi, Dean Kraft, and Braco.

A few years ago, I accompanied L.D. to a healing fair in Colorado where he attracted a crowd by giving away free psychic healing.  I observed him tell a skeptical chiropractor that his client "the older woman with white hair, your client, the one with glasses, she has a problem in her right knee.  She needs glucosamine."  The chiropractor sat in stunned silence.   After the initial shock wore off, the chiropractor confirmed the accuracy of L.D.'s  psychic impressions.  

In 2012, L.D. released a book of spiritual wisdom, Awakening the Genesis Within, which teaches readers how to thrive in times of transformation.  

Today, after nearly 30 years of psychic healing practice, L.D. juggles his time between composing music, caretaking land, and tending to the healing needs of his devoted and loyal clientele.  He has been the subject of national media attention,  no short accomplishment for a man unaccustomed to the spotlight.  In humble fashion, L.D. shrugged it off.  "I guess the work has an effect, because people keep coming back."   
  - Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.,.  (Read the full article on LD Porter here).


Listen to LD on Inner Healing Compass Teleseminar 



LD Porter

Documented Cases of Psychic Healing

We are collecting case study research of the effects of LD's remote healing. Listen to some of  Dr. Smith's case interviews below.  



"L.D., I  feel like I have taken the first steps on one of the most important journeys of my life. As you know, I have suffered the ever diminishing effects of COPD/ Emphysema for the past 20 years, with the last two years being very, very bad. I am on oxygen 24/7. 

After four sessions with you I can already tell a great difference in my breath function and my general condition, My chest doesn't feel as tight and I am able to breathe more deeply. I realize that I am not completely cured yet, but now for the first time ever I believe I can be healed.
I know in my heart and in my soul that there are some special people who God uses as conduits to bring His healing power to us.  You are surely one of those people. 

- David Price
Lizella, GA


"Charley was a healthy, strapping male. In 2007, he had a stroke and lost his speech and the use of the right side of his body.  When they did release him, they arranged to put him in a nursing home, saying that he would not survive past 3 months.

The first session went very well.  The hand was in a claw shape, white and hard. Now, that hand is now flexible and alive. Charley told me later that he could "feel" L.D. in his head. 

Same with his leg. he "felt" him working between the hip and knee. The foot part has always been a deep purple, scalely, ugly mess. Now that foot, today, is rosy, healthy looking and soft. Today, after the 4th session, he proudly raised that leg unexpectedly. It was not asked of him but he did it on his own.  What a miracle! 



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