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Healing Activation Summits

 2015 Dates:

IMPORTANT NOTE:   When you purchase the Healing Activation Summit, you will be automatically assigned the next available monthly date.

Our Healing Activation Summits are held every month.

The Healing Activation Summit is a 90 minute quiet entranced healing concentration in which I work on one person and then we join in for a Universal Body Healing Meditation.

During this time we explore mental energy and focus of ourselves as individuals and group toward wholeness and perfection.

We participate in and observe remote healing work for one select individual and also for the group as a whole. Many individuals have seen benefit from this.

The summit will include: Meditation, Centering, working with one select individual, a 10 minute break then we return and end with a group consciousness with The Universal Body Healing Meditation.

The Universal Body Meditation brings together our consciousnesses! Many experience results from this experience and some have reported changes well after the event has taken place.

These events will be recorded so if you cannot make it that evening and if you have RSVP'd you will receive the recording post-event of the specific event for which you RSVP'd.

I invite you to come and be a part of the collective consciousness and feel the actual work as it is done in sessions for yourself and others.

Your investment for each of these evenings is only $35.00 per evening.

Mark the date on the calendar!

Note to all participants-The telesummit call-in number will be sent to all participants approximately 24 hours prior the event, this link is for your use only.

Even if you can't make this time, you will benefit from the healing intention and vibration contained in the recording.

Disclaimer: Although we can state that 80 percent of individuals ultimately respond to LD's work, please note that because of the spiritual nature of LD's work, we are unable to offer any kind of guarantee of results. When you purchase this or any of LD’s other services, you are offering an energy exchange for LD's time, just like you would pay any other professional.


"I can feel the miracles radiating out exponentially!
L.D.'s work in the Summit was spectacular." - Amanda

"I am feeling very blissed out!  All my senses have definitely become sharper since the Healing summit. My vision is improved, and my sense of smell and taste...how weird but wonderful!" - R.D.

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Once you register for the event then email invitations will be sent with details of the dates & times, and how to join the call. Note: The mp3 audio recording will be made available for all who are participating in this call.



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"L.D., I  feel like I have taken the first steps on one of the most important journeys of my life.  As you know, I have suffered COPD/ Emphysema for the past 20 years, with the last two years being very, very bad. I am on oxygen 24/7.

After four sessions with you I can already tell a great difference in my breath function and my general condition. I am able to breathe more deeply than at any point in recent years.  

I know in my heart and in my soul that healing comes from God but there are some special people who God uses as conduits to bring His healing power to us.  You are surely one of those people." 

- David Price
Lizella, GA

"Charley was a healthy, strapping male. In 2007, he had a stroke and lost his speech and the use of the right side of his body.
  When they did release him, they arranged to put him in a nursing home, saying that he would not survive past 3 months.

The first session with L.D. went very well.  Charley told me later that he could "feel" L.D. in his head.  Same with his leg. he "felt" him working between the hip and knee. The foot part has always been a deep purple, scalely, ugly mess. Now that foot, today, is rosy, healthy looking and soft. Today, after the 4th session, he proudly raised that leg unexpectedly. It was not asked of him.  What a miracle! 

- Georgia, NC

“LD, about 30 minutes after finishing our call all the pain was gone. There is no discomfort in my back or kidney area. I am doing amazingly well.  I slept for about 5 hours and my bowels moved this morning - that's the first time that has ever happened the day after chemotherapy.  No nausea.  A big difference from before the session. Thank you!  My tumor markers are normal so that's very good news - the doctor was surprised with such a good result but we aren't :)   Darn good work! 
- K.P


LD ("Larry") Porter

In the tradition of Dr. Mahendra Trivedi, Braco, and other renowned healers, for over 25 years LD Porter has provided extraordinary psychic distance healing for clients with severe and chronic illness.  In addition to his healing practice, LD has presented international workshops and summits.

The Healing Activation Summit


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