Please fill out the form & make payment to initiate your placement in the queue.  LD will be in touch with you by email within 24-48 hours. 

(UPDATE:There is currently a  2 - 4 week waiting list).

If one sees a difference, one should continue until the program is complete. In some instances, repeated sessions are required to build a firm foundation so the issue/condition or body no longer needs this support.

"I do feel wonderful.  I find it hard to believe that I have any cancer left in my body while feeling this great. I think my chest and air intake capacity keeps increasing.  Each day it gets better.  Since working with you I feel less constriction on my chest.  Before, it felt like a belt around me.  L.D. I really appreciate all you have done for me.  Thank you.  You are a human X-Ray machine."  - Will

"Just wanted to let you know that I have been headache free since the last time we talked. I can't believe I sleep through the night and have no headaches after 2 1/2 years. I feel like a new person. I've thanked God for the miracle and I've thanked God for you."
- Linda Klausing

My pain in pudendal nerve area is much decreased.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your work with me.  I felt your work with me helped me release a lot of that residue and clear the way for healing. A big hug!"
- Susan Cooper

"L.D.,  I was so sick and would not have gone to the doctor without your prompting.,  You are correct. There is something in my stomach.  the results came back and it is a mass in inches - it is about 8 by 4 by 5.  Thank you again so much for your help dear one."  
Karen V.

"Clearly the healing that you do with the phone conversation really affects me. I felt very uplifted from the first phone conversation. I could feel this positive energizing force affecting my body and mind. The tension across my back, which is usually pretty bad in the morning has lessened significantly. I feel less agitated and calmer. There is less strain internally in my body." 
- Cynthia Madek, Michigan

"L.D., I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My indigestion and nausea feelings are gone and I feel like my old self again, full of energy. I  am so happy and enjoying each precious moment feeling good. Thanks again for all your dedication and help!
- Rana C.

"I was in horrendous pain. Within 24 hours I got immediate relief.  The next day I started walking without my cane." 
- D.B., California.

"I really appreciate the work you are doing to get me better!!! YES. I had almost no pain in my wrist and arm on Saturday....ALL Day! I felt really good for the first time since February. I thank you for your dedicated work and gentleness. I noticed most of the neck jaw stiffness was gone this a.m., thank you very much! 

"I have gotten a bowel movement once a day all the time now.  This has never happened. I do see an improvement and I wanted you to know that."
- Shane

"His progress is stunning! They sent him home 2 weeks earlier than they had physically he was doing so much better.  The nurse just called with the lab results from yesterday. She said, "The Labs look Really Good." Thank you for your work, today and every day. What a gift you have ... and what a blessing for you to dedicate so much of your life to helping us with this precious gift."

"I've noticed a huge improvement.  When I eat food now, I don't get sick anymore, and I am gaining weight.  I am eating more of the foods I like.  My stomach doesn't bother me that much anymore."  

"A sensation of expansive physical FREEDOM rushed into my whole body.. especially all my inner organs, lower back, legs, etc like never before!!!  It was an astounding experience.  After that, I walked & moved like a brand new person; with brand new fluidity & ease. I was very tempted to find a pay phone & tell you right then & there."

- Sue

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1 day of Remote Healing / Psychic Healing


1 day of LD's intensive remote healing.
-  Minimum of one (1) 45-min phone consultation.

2 days of Remote Healing / Psychic Healing


- 2 days of LD's intensive remote healing.
- Minimum of two (2) 40-min phone consultations (usually more).

2 days may be enough to make a significant difference, depending on your condition. About 80 percent of clients respond to LD's work.  L.D. gives no medical information or makes no medical claims.  All work is considered Spiritual Guidance.  There are times when in some situations when more sessions are needed. It is important that that one does not discontinue the sessions prematurely. 



"My whole body felt as if it was being saturated in some kind of positive healing energy and I knew that its purpose was to heal me. I've never felt anything like it before. When I woke up the next morning my chronic cough was gone and I could breathe.   -Tal Harper, professional healer

"LD, all of your past healing work with me has always remained completely permanent. My health improvements have come a long long way"  - S.R., Past client.

"In one 30-minute session my pain was gone, never to return, and my tooth completely healed, NO root canal needed. That's the most painless dental work I ever had!!"  T. Nichols
Request Healing with LD Porter
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Frequently Asked Questions - PLEASE READ

1) Can you heal my condition?
We greatly appreciate your desire for an affirmative answer, and yet the answer to this question is always the same: there are no guarantees, and to promise anything would be irresponsible.  To help you make an informed decision, we do see about 80 percent of cases that respond to LD's work, and you can read all the unsolicited testimonials here.   Just like other professionals, what you are paying for is LD's time, effort, and energy toward healing your condition, you are not paying for an expected outcome. We do not know why some issues/conditions respond sooner than others and sometimes issues/conditions do not respond at all.  

2) Have you worked with my condition before?
LD has successfully worked with hundreds of conditions.  Please view the testimonial page to see the conditions that have responded to his work.  Whether your condition is alzheimers, chronic pain, or a rare disease is irrelevant.  The "condition" does not matter, and any preconceived notions of a healer's "experience" with a particular condition do not apply.  LD's work goes beyond normal rules of linearity to address core level changes in your body.   

3) How many sessions are required?
Some people need 1 to 2 sessions, others need several sessions. Every person is different. However, it is important that sessions not be discontinued too early. If one sees a difference, one should continue until the program is complete. In some instances, repeated sessions are required to build a firm foundation so the issue/condition/or body no longer needs this support..

4) Can you work on my relatives or loved ones? 
Yes, LD can work on your relatives or loved ones.   It is ideal to obtain their conscious consent for this work, although it's not required.  LD works under the assumption that it is not necessary to obtain permission to pray for someone else's good health.    Read LD's story of how he works.

5) Do you offer a one month option? 
Yes, some clients like to have continued and regular support for a longer period of time (e.g. if you are undergoing chemotherapy or medical procedures over time, LD can help with symptom relief).  LD can arrange a 10% to 15% discount for monthly work, depending on the intensity required.  Please contact LD to discuss the discounted monthly option using the form below.

6) What methods or techniques do you use to heal?
During remote healing, L.D. enters into a trance state, similar to Edgar Cayce's method, and using mind techniques and healing energy of the quantum field, the body is programmed for optimum health, all from a distance.   Remote healing and psychic healing are time-tested, proven, and effective techniques to help combat cancer, all from a distance.  Read more of LD's story here.

7) Is there research to back up claims about psychic healing?
Yes, there is a host of reputable scientific research that illustrates the effectiveness of psychic distance healing.  LD is also the subject of a multi-year scientific research project in which data is currently being collected regarding outcomes.  To learn more, please click on the following links:

1)  The Science Behind Distant Healing
2)  A Review of the Scientific Evidence Supporting Spiritual Healing

8) Do you work with children?
Yes, but not directly.  If you seek healing for children under 18 years of age, the parent, friend, or loved one will serve as a 'proxy' and will work with LD directly (not the child).  The proxy will give daily updates and progress reports.   This is just as effective.

9) Do you work with animals?
Yes, but usually only in emergency situations due to the waiting list. 

10) Do you offer an affordable group healing option?

Yes.  The Healing Activation Summits are an evening of hypnotic distance healing, usually done monthly.   

11) What is your Cancellation Policy?

We recognize that life events arise that necessitate a rescheduling of appointments.  However, any missed appointments on your part may be subject up to a $50 charge.   


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