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Listed in order, by specific condition

“LD, about 30 minutes after finishing our call all the pain was gone. There is no discomfort in my back or kidney area. I am doing amazingly well and feel pretty good. I feel well this morning. I slept for about 5 hours and my bowels moved this morning - that's the first time that has ever happened the day after chemotherapy. No nausea. My skin is less red then normally after chemo. After our session today the urine was almost clear. A big difference from before the session. Thank you! My tumor markers are normal so that's very good news - the doctor was surprised with such a good result but we aren't :) Darn good work! - K.P

“Larry, today we visited the doctor and got some exciting news. The cat scans of her body showed no new places and the former cancer spots were smaller. The bone scan also showed no new places and that former places had not grown. Her cancer marker score was now 55 (down from 470 at start of our work). Normal is considered to be 30. As a result, the doctor recommends stopping the chemo for now. Tonight she was singing and dancing. She has been in better spirits for now!

I read and article on the FDA….at the end it said that when breast cancer metastases the prognosis is an "uncurable disease". It went on to say that only 2-3% of those individuals live more than two years. It makes her progress really a miracle. It would not have been possible without you! I know the journey will continue.  Thank you again for all your help!!!  
- Cindy

“I have been dealing with Mr. Porter for several weeks by telephone. I have end stage emphysema/cancer. When I first spoke to Larry I was spending my days in bed and not leaving the house at all. I was depressed with no energy and having pain in my lungs. After a couple of weeks speaking to Larry, I now am going out all the time and even painted a room. I thought my days were over from doing the things that I liked to do. I am living again instead of just waiting for death to come!! I am starting to enjoy my grandchildren again and they said they were so happy to have their nannie back which brought tears to my eyes. I don't really understand what happened while I was speaking to Larry but whatever it was it got me up and going and wanting to live whatever time I have left to the fullest. Thank you Larry for helping me it sure changed my life for the better.”
-Ruby Laird, Canada

"I do feel wonderful. I find it hard to believe that I have any cancer left in my body while feeling this great. I think my chest and air intake capacity keeps increasing. Each day it gets better. Since working with you I feel less constriction on my chest. Before, it felt like a belt around me. Larry I really appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you. You are a human X-Ray machine." - Will

"In April 2009, my 36 year old daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. The ER doctor said she had 2 weeks to live as cancer was riddled throughout her body affecting her lungs, liver, brain, spine and especially her sacrum and hips. One of her lungs had collapsed and the pain from cancer in her bones was so severe she was on multiple narcotic pain medicines. The Oncologists wanted to go ahead and treat her, but the treatment was aggressive. Radiation on her brain and hips with two IV chemos and an oral chemo all at the same time.

LD began working on my daughter right along with all this treatment. The doctors did not expect her to survive the treatment, but it was her only chance. She had holes in her lungs along with cancer, and it was not expected that the chest tube could ever be removed. For 10 months, we worked directly with LD. After the radiation treatments, the cancer in her brain was gone, and the chest tube removed. By November, her cancer marker score was low enough that all treatment was stopped with exception of the oral chemo. It cannot really be proven, but I believe that Larry's work not only aided the healing process but contributed significantly to her recovery during this critical time. Recently the doctor told my daughter that she should not be here right now. I could not have survived this ordeal without LD and my daughter is still here today.
- Cindy

“On Saturday, I met with my oncologist for my scan results. My oncologist told me that my results were good. The problem areas he was concerned about (mainly my lymph nodes in the middle of my chest area towards my spine) have decreased in size. (you worked on that area quite a bit!). Nodules in my lungs have decreased too! Yay! 

The BEST news is... he doesn't see a need to switch me to full-on chemo now... and I am thrilled about that. There were also no new bone lesions and the ones I had in my ribs appear to be healing well. No cancer activity at all in my bones! I believe that your work on me has REALLY helped. My lungs do feel more open... and I am so glad for that. Of course I want to see "NO EVIDENCE" of cancer on my report. That is my goal. I've been really working diligently at my visualizations lately and I know it's helped me increase my white blood count. 5 weeks ago it was 3.7... now it's 6.2! I am so pleased about this too. Thank you for all of your help this past month. You are my beacon!!  All my best,"
- Heidi

My stomach feels much better after our session, things are flushing out! The back is better too. Yesterday and today I've had no pain medication. The odd aching feeling through my shoulders and arms I had complained of last week is gone as of three days ago. 

Bloodwork from yesterday:
White count: 4.5 (in the normal range--only the second time in the past year!)
Hematocrit: 33 (almost normal, higher than last friday)
Platelets: 171 (REALLY normal--good/high!)

Thank you so much for your time and energy!
- Mary


GIOBLASTOMA BRAIN TUMOR (after several days of work)
“Dear LD, Zev is still improving, and holding the ground he has gained. Zev was up and awake from about 8am till 2pm.He did not get sleepy or confused [& this was mild) until about 2pm .. which is a lot of progress. When he gets up at night it is not alarming now. He was able to walk without falling, no falling at all in the past 24 to 48 hours. He is stronger. His elimination is regular now. This is really good. Thank you again, deeply, for your thoughts, insights, inspirations, and Work for Zev. I feel very encouraged. You are helping so much to keep Trust, Faith, and Hope alive. This is very healing for me and for Zev.” - Joanna


“Thank you for working with my condition. I could tell you worked on me. I felt almost nauseous, I couldn't eat too much and I was VERY thirsty...My blood sugar was over 9 on Sunday and back to 8 today. Can't wait to check it again, tomorrow. I was able to control my eating very well. No more cravings of any kind. Just normal hunger. Deeply grateful." - Ofelia Aldea, Calgary, Nov. 3, 2008

"Last month my 7 year old niece was seriously ill with a massive systemic infection (sepsis). She was put in the pediatric intensive care unit and considered critical. That evening I spoke to L.D. about her condition. He said he'd begin remote healing and that she would be much better when I went to visit. I was amazed by the profound change in her condition when I arrived at the hospital the next day. She was sitting up in bed; her temperature had almost returned to normal, and she was eating. All the relatives were overjoyed by her overnight recovery. She was released the following day." - K. J. (Registered Nurse), New Mexico.

"About four years ago, I learned that a young cousin of mine, a college student, was comatose with four brain aneurysms. The fact that she was still alive was a miracle. After several months in a coma, L.D. came to visit. After the work work, she soon moaned and moved her legs. The nurse rushed in and said that was the first movement she had made at all. Soon she was in rehab in a hospital in another city, and eventually home. Within months, she was working, married and had a child.” -M.J., Texas

"I have been headache free since the last time we talked. I can't believe I sleep through the night and have no headaches after 2 1/2 years. I feel like a new person. I've thanked God for the miracle and I've thanked God for you."  - Linda Klausing

"My pain in prudential nerve area is much decreased. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your work with me. I felt your work with me helped me release a lot of that residue and clear the way for healing. Take care and a big hug!"  - Susan Cooper

“I've had what is clearly the most stable and positive of days. I can tell you it's directly related to the work you did. My feet, legs and knees feel very good. My knees especially feel much stronger. Whatever you are doing is working. My face is fine-just a little soreness from the work today. It's strange because I used to have a hard time smiling and laughing because of how strange my face felt, and the constant discomfort. Today it has felt more relaxed and like myself. My jaw area feels more normal. Very little swelling and drooping. I also noticed that my speaking is a little clearer. Whatever you did was great in every way.” – Afshan.

“The healing that you do with the phone conversation really affects me. I felt very uplifted and sort of 'geeked up' from the first phone conversation. The tension across my back, which is usually pretty bad in the morning has lessened significantly. I feel less agitated and calmer. There is less strain internally in my body." - Cynthia Madek, Michigan

"I was in horrendous pain. Within 24 hours I got immediate relief. The next day I started walking without my cane." - D.B., California.

“I had almost no pain in my wrist and arm on Saturday....! I felt really good for the first time since February. I thank you for your dedicated work and gentleness. I noticed most of the neck jaw stiffness was gone this a.m., thank you very much!   - Beatriz


"I have gotten a bowel movement once a day all the time now. This has never happened. I do see an improvement in my bowel movements. I wanted you to know that." 
- Shane

"I've noticed a huge improvement. When I eat food now, I don't get sick anymore, and I am gaining weight. I am eating more of the foods I like. My stomach doesn't bother me that much anymore." 
- Luis

"L.D., I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My indigestion and nausea feelings are gone and I feel like my old self again, full of energy. I am so happy and enjoying each precious moment feeling good. Thanks again for all your dedication and help! -
-Rana C.

“Thank you so much for your help yesterday. As predicted, after our session I felt very sleep, but oddly relaxed. Last night, I slept soundly, without interruption for the first time in a very long time. I also feel as if my lungs have been expanded and, as a result, am breathing much more easily. What a difference! The pain below my sternum which we spoke about which always made me feel as if food never descended properly into my stomach, but somehow got "stuck," lessened considerably and I felt normal after eating last night and this morning -- something that had elluded me for decades.
- Joe

"His progress is stunning! They sent him home Thursday Feb 5. This was 2 weeks earlier than they had planned...as physically he was doing so much better. The nurse just called with the lab results from yesterday. She said, "The Labs look Really Good." Thank you for your work, today and every day. What a gift you have ... and what a blessing for you to dedicate so much of your life to helping us, and so many others with this precious gift." - Jo

“Last night, Raphael announced that he felt a 65% change for the better. At the end of the night, he announced that he is happy! And that he believes soon that he will be ready to go to the gym again. He is awake, his energy is improved, as well as his humor. Overall, Raphael’s mental & emotional well-being has shifted significantly. My deepest appreciation for you, and your willingness to share your light and the Light that flows through you.” – Jeannette, Mother of Raphael.

“Hi LD, I'm humbled by your reaching out, literally, and touching people, and especially my son, Jacob. Many thanks for your time, effort, and help. In less than 24 hrs my son felt your presence and knew of changes, positive changes. I myself knew of other changes taking place in him. Unbelievable how you can go through one person to reach another, what a blessing, what a gift. That same evening (the first day), my son laughed with genuineness in him. I heard him and was taken back with joy and laughter. There was more calmness in his voice verses assertiveness. Now, as I'm listening to him, there is not a trace of anger in his voice. You truly have a great love for my son and actually know his hurts and pains and blockages. Even more magnificent is you can dispel these same and give him a new beginning point in life, an opportunity to excel to his fullest potential. No words can fully express my thanks and love for you LD for this newness in my son's life!” - P.L.

“LD, thank you very much!! I have been feeling wonderful, no stomach pains or back pains. I also feel calm and peaceful. I did feel a sudden surge of positive energy in me all through the day yesterday, just overall well being. I am doing some reading on Thyroid and possibly would go for a check up to see if it's working properly, as well as Iron levels and Blood pressure. Thanks for the advise! I feel shifts within me and believe it is in the right direction. My stomach didn’t feel so stressed as it always does and i do feel certain new strength building in it. Sort of hard to describe the overall feeling in words but I do feel positive. Am really grateful to you. I honestly appreciate your help and am looking forward to our next appointment. 
- Manisha

“A sensation of expansive physical freedom rushed into my whole body..especially all my inner organs, lower back, legs, etc like never before!!! It was an astounding experience. After that, I walked & moved like a brand new person; with brand new fluidity & ease. I was very tempted to find a pay phone & tell you right then & there. My whole body is starting to feel calmer & like it's being filled with a yummy flowing sensation. Right now my jaw is also feeling loosened & relaxed. & my head, neck, upper back too. How nice, since I was feeling rather tight in my upper back & neck especially. Now it's as if there's an energy flowing into & around the inside of my head & brain, as if I'm getting an internal massage in there & my eyes are relaxing & I'm perceiving everything differently too. (- as if in a higher, smoother, softer & expanded way - .) Now my feet are buzzing & tingling, & feeling really good. Larry, seems working with you always brings very remarkable & unusual surprises! I think I'll go off & enjoy this!”
– Sue P.

Case #1:
“I REALLY feel a difference in my foot with plantar fasciitis. Sometimes I couldn't even walk. It sometimes got a bit better... but I've never felt NO PAIN like I do now. Even after our sessions... all weekend in fact, I felt my foot... specifically my heel, heat up... as if a channel was opening and releasing heat. It's amazing. I was on my feet all day yesterday and this morning I woke up with ZERO pain. That hasn't happened in at least 2 years. I meant to tell you that today! THANK YOU!!! – Heidi F.

Case #2:
“Last night, for the first time in prehaps two years, I experienced no numbness or even tingling in my feet while in bed last night; it always seemed that the weight of the blankets was just enough to trigger these symptoms. Thank you so much! 
– Jackie

“There is definitely a difference- I have noticed a huge reduction in the pain in the top left area of my mouth.” – Gary

“The Gloria that u first met doesn't exist anymore. Isn't that great and I'm so thankful. The neck has felt good all day. It's such a weird feeling to feel somewhat normal. It is minor compared to what it was. Your work is worth ten times what you charge and we greatly appreciate all that you do, as you are not only a wonderful healer but a special man. I know my condition is so unusual. I was one of those medical mysteries. We will always be grateful to Eternity for bringing you into our lives.”
- Gloria

“I really enjoyed our session. When I went to bed, I fell right asleep, and was not kept awake because of the noises in the head. I slept good, and woke up at around 5:00. At that time I noticed that the noises in the head were fading. It was actually getting better, not as loud or as annoying. It actually felt like it was fading out into the distance, and seemed to be going away. I started feeling a white light around me. It seems that the nightmares are totally gone. My mind and emotional is much improved, and am so glad not to be having nightmares. I am positive, and feeling great, and very optimistic about life in general. I just talked to my best friend who is a professional Stress and Grief counselor. I told her what a good healer you are. She wants to refer her patients to you that need an emotional healing. Many of them are very mentally depressed and she feels thay need more help than just counseling. I want to thank you for everything. You have been great. I am so much better than before. And it’s wonderful to have someone to talk to who is so understanding and encouraging”
- Theresa

“Hi LD, I have not had any more pain or bloating or nausea for the whole rest of the day! Everything is great. I am continuing to take the herbs and lemon water. I have not passed any stone yet, so its hard to figure out exactly what's going on, but can only feel that everything is ok because when it isn't the body will always tell you it isn't through pain or the like. Even my urinations have been effortless and pain free, which is always a good sign with this situation. So I will continue on with the program and look forward to talking to you tomorrow! 

“Hi LD, Thank you so much for working with me this week. Tonight my hip feels good. I have no sensation in the sacroiliac joint like I did when we started. Amazingly my back feels good right now, and I say that because i slept pretty much all day yesterday. Normally my back would be very stiff and sore from that long sleeping. Thank you for your wonderful insight and gifts. 
- Janice



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