Going Deeper

Summer Newsletter

We are going to deeper levels in our work and finding that in many cases we recommend a series of sessions may be necessary to see complete success. We do want to know that the work is making a difference before our clients commit to additional sessions.

We...Read More »

The Energy of Love

by Dr. Ed Leshin

What is Love? Is it a feeling? Is it an expression? Or is it an allusive quest that most of us embark on at some point in our lives? I thought perhaps a story would help to answer some of these questions that I was...Read More »

An Interview with Larry

by Cherie Peterson

Can you describe what you are knowing, feeling, when you work?

There is an ‘audacity of immediacy’ when a person is in a serious, critical state because of the adrenaline that flows. That is what promotes a state of complete and total attention to the issue at...Read More »


Welcome to our first newsletter of the season.

We will present a variety of topics in these pages, including stories from clients about their experiences with my distant healing work. In this edition, I’m proud to welcome Cherie Peterson, the editor, and Michelle Sharkeyvaught, a special author. I hope you will enjoy...Read More »